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The Unique Muesli for All Kinds of Horses with Herbal mix and Psyllium by Dr. Popov

  • Muesli with herbal mix curative for cough, airways and immunity system (helps clear a throat, releases and dissolves phlegm, helps to ease off inflammation of airways, eases coughing out, breathing and strengthens an organism and its whole immunity system)
  • The unique soluble fibre called Psyllium by Dr. Popov, Lapilest, Carob and a alpha-alpha dried fodder
  • Easy digestible muesli composed in accord with the health diet principles
  • Zero oats content and very low amount of cereals which are hydrothermally adjusted (improves digestibility and heath condition)
  • Balanced content of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • NovaEqui Herba has favorable affects for the cleansing of a digestion tract, improves digestion and pH, stops diarrhoea, lowers the risk of getting gastric ulcers and last but not least has beneficial impact on coat, skin and hoofs health of animals


Alpha-alpha dried fodder, lapilest (beet pulp, piece grapes, sunflower peel, kernels from grapes extracted, piece apples), , corn flakes, barley flakes, wheat bran, sunflower seeds, carob (carob pods), linseed extrude, molasses bean, herbal (eucalyptus, mint, lime flower, elderberry flower, marigold flower, coltsfoot leaf, heather, plantain, icelandic lichen frond), brewers yeast, a mixture of oil (linseed oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil), aminovitan horse+ (vitamín-mineral premix), limestone feed, sodium chloride, psyllium (indian plantain)


2 – 6 kg a day, depends on needs and performance requirements (several doses during the day at the best)
+ 8 kg of staple fodder

Content product   Content product   Content product  
Energy (MJ/kg) 11,3 Cobalt (mg) 0,35 Vitamin E (mg) 80
Digestible crude protein % 8 Iron (mg) 70 Vitamin B1 (mg) 4
Crude protein % 12,8 Zink (mg) 65 Vitamin B2 (mg) 5
Crude Fat % 3,7 Manganese (mg) 60 Vitamin B6 (mg) 3
Crude fiber % 16 Cooper (mg) 10 Vitamin B12 (ug) 20
Crude ash % 6,5 Selenium (mg) 0,2 Vitamin K3 (mg) 2
Sugar and starch % 27,1 Iodine (mg) 1,5 Biotin (ug) 300
Calcium % 0,9 Lysine (g) 1040 Niacinamid e(mg) 20
Phosphorus % 0,6 Methionine (g) 600 Calcium pantothenate (mg) 12
Magnesium % 0,2 Vitamín A (i.u.) 14000 Folic acid (mg) 50
Sodium % 0,3 Vitamin D3 (i.u.) 2000 Choline chloride (mg) 150