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High quality mix of fibre for all kinds of horses

  • High quality source of digestible fibre, whitch improves  and extends chewing, improves digestion  and pH, lowers the risk of suffering from gastric ulcers
  • Important for disease prevention, but also curative for sick horses and recovering horses
  • Suitable for horses with overweight
  • Treatment of hoofs (especially laminitis)
  • Excellent flavoring agents to feed rations
  • High content of Ca, Cu, Mn  vitamin A, riboflavin (B2), C, E
  • And last but not least has  beneficial impact on coat, skin and hoofs health of animals


Alpha-alpha dried fodder, piece apples dried, carob (carob pods), beet pulp, piece grapes, sunflower peel, kernels from grapes extracted, dried carrots, soy oil, molasses (1%).


0,5 – 2 kg/day, mixed ito the feed ration

Content product Content product 
Crude protein % 9,4 Phosporus % 0,14
Crude fat % 2 Magnesium % 0,2
Crude fibre % 21 Sodium % 0,3
Crude ash % 5,13 Calcium % 0,7